“The whole thing was misguided and ridiculous. To take a bear out in a vehicle to a local drive-thru to get ice cream — to me, that would tell me, ‘Hey, these are just cute, cuddly animals. They can be treated like pets, and we don’t need to be too concerned about them,” said Rob Laidlaw, executive director of Zoocheck.

Earlier this week, a Canadian zookeeper caused a media firestorm when he loaded one of the facility’s Kodiak bears into the passenger seat of his truck and drove her to a Dairy Queen drive-thru.

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When they arrived at the pick-up window, a worker presented the bear with an ice cream cone. He subsequently fed her in tiny spoonfuls of the delicious frozen treat.

The 1-year-old bear, named Berkley, lives at Discovery Wildlife Park, a small zoo in Alberta, Canada.

The Dairy Queen adventure came about for the zoo to record a short video to educate the public about not interacting with wild bears.