“Petland has a long history of abusing animals they sell in their stores. This is just another example of their inhumane business practices,” a spokesman for the Lee County SPCA said. “We feel like this disregard for animal welfare begins at the corporate level and we advise people not to do business with Petland. Period.”

You walk into a pet store and you expect to see happy and healthy puppies and kitties looking for their forever homes. But that’s frequently not the case, and with Petland, it’s almost always not the case! As the SPCA spokesperson noted, Petland has a long history of animal abuse.

This, sadly, is just another example of that…

Here’s the story from WINK NEWS:

Lee County Domestic Animal Services seized 24 puppies from a Petland store on College Parkway last week.

“Hard to believe that can be happening in a major pet store. You know this is something you think may be happening in some kind of hidden garage somewhere,” said visitor Kevin Doran.

Lee County seized the dogs after they arrived by a Missouri Company—Puppy Travelers LLC. Investigators says the puppies were kept in crowded cages full of feces and urine without any water.

“To think that they’re sending them out in large numbers like that is totally unacceptable,” said pet owner Lisa Martin.

The company admits to investigators they don’t clean the feces until they’re back in Missouri.

At one point, animal services say there were up to 127 puppies inside the truck.

“Most of them are in the business because they love pets, but obviously this company may have different motives in how they’re handling and transporting the pets,” said visitor Diane Doran.

Investigators say some of the puppies’ documentation was also altered, incomplete or missing—some didn’t have health certificates.

“It’s hard to believe that’s going on right here in Lee County, right here in Fort Myers but it breaks my heart,” Martin said.

Now, many are rethinking where they get their pets from.

Right now, the puppies are with Lee County Domestic Animal Services, being quarantined for several issues. A Petland manager says they were unaware of the traveling conditions on their way to the store.

And Petland can claim anything they want, but the truth is that they have a long and sordid history of abusing animals and covering it up. They see puppies, kittens, and other animals as something to make a profit off of, and it doesn’t bother them to treat them inhumanely.

Their motto is “anything to pad the bottom line is fine by us!”

At Animal Lovers Are Life, we recommend getting your new four-legged friend from a reputable breeder, a local animal shelter, or from a rescue agency. Shopping for an animal at Petland, Petco, or PetSmart is encouraging the mill industry and the animals routinely have health and behavioral problems as a result of their abuse.

Do you shop at Petland?