“Really? You want to bark at me. You want to bite at me? Really, ” Shaeffer says in the disturbing video. “I will kill you right now B*tch!”

This alcoholic, drug-addled pathetic excuse for a human being has been arrested after a video surfaced depicting him beating his nine-month-old Newfoundland puppy. The man’s roommate, who was also abused and threatened by the Warren, Ohio resident, filmed the incident and made sure the police saw the videotape.

Here’s the story per Pet Rescue Report:

A Warren, Ohio man was videoed allegedly beating his nine-month-old Newfoundland puppy repeatedly with a closed-fist. James Shaeffer, 64, was arrested on Wednesday and remains behind bars after authorities charged the dog owner with animal cruelty and aggravated menacing.

According to Wkbn27News, Shaeffer’s roommate, Nick Chronister witnessed and videoed the puppy’s abuse.  The video initially showed the puppy backing away from Shaeffer and growling as the man approached  – as if the dog knew what was going to happen.

“Really? You want to get mad?,” Shaeffer yells to the pup as he gets closer. And then, with a closed-fist, he strikes the puppy on top of her head with blunt force. “I’ll kill you right now,” he yelled.

“Really? You want to bark at me. You want to bite at me? Really?,” Shaeffer continues in the video. “I will kill you right now B….! Get out of my mother’s f…… house. OK? I’m done,” and then with one hand [Shaeffer] grabs the puppy’s chin, pulls it upward and slaps at [the dog’s] face.

Here’s more from WKBN:

The roommate took video of James Shaeffer, Jr. punching the dog in the head, according to a police report.

Shaeffer’s roommate told police that he was afraid that Shaeffer would harm him. He said Shaeffer has pulled a gun before, screaming at the dog that he would kill it. He said he also threatened to shoot him with the gun before.

Shaeffer, who police noted was intoxicated when he was arrested, is charged with animal cruelty and aggravated menacing.

He told police that he was upset that he was being arrested for animal cruelty, saying he was going to sell his house in Warren. Police informed Shaeffer that he would not be able to commit the acts of cruelty in any other city, according to the police report.

Shaeffer is being held in the Trumbull County Jail.

Mr. Shaeffer pleaded not guilty to the charges on Thursday, and bond was set at $12,500. He was ordered not to have any animals during his court hearing.

This sick and twisted man deserves the harshest sentence available under Ohio law. He obviously has no regard for human or animal life. We have a place for monsters like that: it’s called prison.

How much time do you think he should get?