It Starts When They’re Young

You can’t deny how cute and utterly majestic bulldogs are compared to all breeds. No other breed of dog look quite as unique as Bulldogs.

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It’s Genetic…for sure!

Everything from their looks to their sparkling personalities set them apart from all other dogs in the world. These bulldog compilations are gold and will convince anyone just how adorable Bulldogs are.
Get ready to fall in love over and over…

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Bull Dogs Have Distinct Features
Bull dogs are never mistaken for another breed of dog. With their small muscular build and legs pointed outward slightly, they have a distinctive waddle that makes them cuter. Add in the large, round black eyes and soft wrinkles all over their faces, and they are hands down the most unique and adorable dogs.

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Their Personalities Are Larger Than Life
Looks aren’t everything! It’s a Bulldog’s personality that really makes it stand out from other dogs. Stubborn, loyal, and a great lover of naps, Bulldogs are great companions. They adapt to new places easily and they are affectionate and kind to their families. Bulldogs are social creatures and as such, are playful and outgoing.

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These Bull Dogs Aren’t Camera Shy
With majestic features and outgoing personalities, Bulldogs are the perfect movie stars. They are not camera shy and will often perform, knowing the camera is watching. Bulldogs aren’t acting, though, because they’re just being themselves and we love it!

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Why Do People Like Bull Dogs So Much?
The truth is, people love Bulldogs because they are hilarious. Their need to please coupled with their features, personalities, and every day life, make them interesting pets to own. They behave as if they’re human and that’s why we love them.

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Bull Dogs Are Social Companions
Bull dogs aren’t all pretty faces. They are fiercely loyal. Their love for their families makes them protective, especially in families with children. They are stubborn watch dogs but loving, social companions.

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This Video Compilation Will Make You Fall In Love With Bull Dogs
To show you just how fun, loving, and adorable Bulldogs are, we compiled three videos. A word of caution: these videos might make you laugh uncontrollably or melt into a pile of goo at the sight of cuteness. Prepare yourself for the full power of Bulldogs.

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Compilation 1: Bull Dogs Are People, Too

Compilation 2: Funniest Bull Dogs In The World