A properly trained dog can pull off some amazing tricks.  The best form of training is positive reinforcement instead of scolding a dog when it doesn’t listen.  Scolding a dog only makes the dog scared of you which nobody wants to do, right?

The three dogs in this video were trained extremely well by their owner.  They can pull off all types of tricks you’ve probably never even seen before.  The three dog mix consists of a Collie, Terrier, and Chihuahua.  Check them out below!

The dogs featured in this video can do some amazing tricks!  The combination consists of a Collie, Terrier, and Chihuahua…


Their trainer taught them to do all types of fancy tricks and work off each other to perform them…


You’ll be blown away when you see some of the double tricks they can pull off below!  Let us know what you think of them after you watch the full video!


Watch the full video below!

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