The adoption process might seem like an easy process but the truth is, for some, it can take many years and lots of patience. Finding your forever home can not be rushed and though you might want one badly, finding the right home for yourself is the most important. For one pit bull, he waited for 14 years to find his forever home but when they finally found him, he was more than ready for his new home.
Meet Chester The Pitt Bull
A photo of Chester the Pit Bull has gone viral. In a desperate attempt to get him adopted, the North Fork Animal Welfare League posted a heart breaking photo on their Facebook page, introducing Chester to the internet and to our softened hearts. In his paws is a sign that reads, “Why doesn’t anyone want me?”

Chester Had Been Living In Shelters For The Last 5 Years
For over 5 years, Chester had been bouncing from shelter to shelter. He wasn’t a badly behaved dog nor did he have any obvious physical problems. In fact, Chester was a good dog who was remarkably well behaved and yet, he wasn’t adopted for more than 5 years, which broke the shelter staff’s hearts.

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Chester Received More Than 20,000+ Shares
Chester’s message exploded on the internet. People, it seemed, felt deeply for Chester’s situation and in a matter of days, he received more than 20,000 shares but that wasn’t the best part. Soon, Chester would receive the best news ever!

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Chester Finds Forever Home
It wasn’t long before Michigan couple Dana and Adi Dor adopted Chester.”It was meant to be,” Adi had said. The shelter said him being a Pit Bull was the reason it too so long but thankfully, his forever family looked beyond the stereotype of breed and loved Chester for the good dog he is.

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