Huskies are known for their vocal nature and hilarious antics.  Thanks to social media, us animal lovers get to see a lot of silly Husky moments.  The dog in the following video loves the dog park.  When his mom says the words “dog park,” he jets to the door.

The hard part is when it comes time to leave the dog park.  He doesn’t want to leave all of his buddies behind.  This Husky throws a tantrum similar to when a child doesn’t get his way!

It’s always fun for this Husky to go to the dog park, but when it comes time to leave, he loves to throw hilarious tantrums…


Mom urges him to come, and he won’t let go.  He does his best to stay by talking in a language only Huskies can understand…


Listening to him moan and groan is sure to give you big laugh!  Watch the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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