“He’s really a gift from a God. If he wasn’t there, that man would have killed me, I’m sure of that,” Mrs. Ackerley said. “And to think, I almost didn’t adopt him!”

Rescue dog Axel sprang into action when he saw owner Joyce Ackerley being assaulted by a robber while she was working in her garden on Monday. The German shepherd-Akita-cross pounced on the robber, bit him several times, and then chased him as he fled down the street.

Here’s the story from the BBC:

The great-grandmother from Little Hulton, Salford, said she thought the man had been asking directions when she opened her garden gate to him.

She said he shouted, “give me your jewels,” and attacked the pensioner.

“The next thing I know he hits me over the head with what looks like a broom,” she said.

“People say you don’t see stars but I saw stars that day.”

She said Axel then came running down the garden.

“I’ve never seen him move so fast and jumps at this bloke and knocks him flat on to the floor,” added Mrs. Ackerley.

“He gets up but he still has my dog attached to his arm. He shook the dog off and I thought I had lost him. The dog came back with his nose covered in blood.”

Mrs. Ackerley took in Axel four years ago as a rescue dog.

“He is very gentle – we call him the gentle giant.”

She added: “I have been spoiling him every since he saved me – he’s my hero.”

Det. Con Steven Hughes, from Greater Manchester Police, said the attack “could have been much worse if her dog hadn’t stepped in and scared the offender away”.

No one has yet been arrested in connection with it and police have urged any witnesses to come forward.

It’s our belief that dogs are just furry people: they have four legs instead of two, lots of hair instead of a little, and hearts just as big as our own. Every single day a new story of a dog rescuing their owner comes across my desk and it never ceases to make me smile.

Do you love your dog like they’re family?