A former producer for the Jerry Springer Show, Jill Blackstone, was arrested at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Tuesday. After a two-year investigation, a warrant was issued for her arrest related to the death of her deaf and partially blind sister, according to authorities.

“She poisoned her sister, then set her and the dogs on fire,” LAPD Detective Allan Wainwright said. “It’s obvious that she faked the suicide note because, well, her sister is blind and couldn’t write. It’s really a sad situation.”

Detectives for the Los Angeles Police Department said they believe Blackstone was frustrated with providing long-term care for her sister as well as financial hardships.

Here’s the story from WSBTV:

A former producer for television shows including “Divorce Court” and “The Jerry Springer Show” was arrested last week and charged with killing her disabled sister in a 2015 garage fire. 

The Los Angeles Police Department reported Thursday that Jill Blackstone was arrested in Baltimore on murder and animal cruelty charges.

Blackstone is accused of drugging her sister, Wendy Blackstone, on March 14, 2015, and putting her and the siblings’ two dogs in the garage of their North Hollywood home and setting it on fire.

Wendy Blackstone, 49, and the two dogs perished in the blaze.

ABC7 in Los Angeles reported that the fire was started by a charcoal barbecue pit left burning in the garage, which filled with carbon monoxide. Wendy Blackstone was found unresponsive next to one of the dogs.

Here’s more from Baltimore Sun:

Los Angeles County prosecutors filed a murder charge against the producer last month, following a two-year investigation by LAPD Valley homicide detectives into the death of 49-year-old Wendy Blackstone. Jill Blackstone was also charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

In March 2015, Wendy Blackstone was found unconscious next to a dead dog in an enclosed garage that had filled with carbon monoxide. 

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office determined that the victim died of inhalation of combustion and the sedative alprazolam. Her death is listed as “undetermined” on the coroner’s website. From the outset, investigators considered Wendy Blackstone’s death to be “very suspicious” and “possibly staged,” according to the autopsy report by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

She was found in the garage of a Studio City home with a suicide note in her hand. Investigators said the note was written by Jill Blackstone, according to the coroner’s report. Wendy Blackstone was legally blind and required hearing aids, the report said.

Can you believe that someone
would do this TO THEIR OWN SISTER?