“You are a pathetic excuse for a human being,” District Attorney Michael Morrissey said. “You stole from a dying woman in your care and your tortured a dog to death. You’re vile.”

The trial of an illegal alien accused of abusing a dog so severely that it had to be euthanized is scheduled to get underway. Jury selection in Radoslaw Czerkawski’s trial on animal cruelty charges started this Tuesday in Norfolk County Superior Court in Dedham.

Here’s the story from our friends at NECN:

The one-year-old pit bull mix was found in Quincy in 2013 with fractures, a stab wound, and a split tongue. The starving dog that came to be known as “Sweat Baby” had to be euthanized due to its severe injuries.

Czerkawski has suggested that kids he saw drinking in a park were responsible for the abuse.

Sweat Baby’s case, which garnered widespread attention from animal welfare advocates, inspired a 2014 bill that toughened penalties for animal abuse.

His trial was initially set for last July but was delayed by a prosecutor’s emergency eye surgery and Czerkawski’s own health problems.

Czerkawski, a Polish illegal alien, was convicted on an unrelated larceny charge in June 2015 for stealing money from an elderly woman he was caring for in Quincy.

Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said Janina Stock’s family hired Czerkawski as her caregiver partly because they shared Polish heritage and language. Morrissey said he abused her trust by stealing her assets at the end of her life.

So, just to be perfectly clear, this man resides in our country illegally. He’s already been convicted of robbing the dying woman that he was entrusted to care for, and now he’s on trial for torturing a dog to death. There are simply some people that are what my grandmother would have called “bad apples.”

No amount of therapy or rehabilitation or even jail time will help them mend their ways. They’re a danger to society, to the elderly, and certainly to animals. I say lock them up and throw away the key. Society, as a whole, will be better for it.

What’s your opinion on the matter?

How much time in prison should this pathetic man get?