“We are supposed to be beyond reproach,” said officer Justin Haus. “And he just made the entire department look like a bunch of crooks.”

Police officer Richard Workman is facing two counts of felony animal cruelty after video surfaced allegedly showing him hitting, shaking and throwing a small dog. A concerned citizen turned the footage into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

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Catrina Thompson, the Winston-Salem Police chief, responded to the charges filed against an officer with her department on Friday in a statement.
“Our Professional Standards Division immediately began an administrative investigation to determine if any of the Winston-Salem Police Department’s policies had been violated,” said Thompson. “At the conclusion of that investigation, Mr. Workman was suspended, pending a hearing on an action for dismissal.”

Here’s the story from WBIR News 10:

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office has charged 47-year-old Richard Workman with two counts of Felony Animal Cruelty. The sheriff’s department said they received video and a report of a man hitting a small dog with a basketball, shaking the dog and then throwing it several feet onto concrete.

On May 10, 2018, the Winston-Salem Police Department’s Professional Standards Division received notification from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office regarding an investigation related to cruelty to animals. The Winston-Salem Police Department was informed the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office had determined the suspect was Richard Workman, a Winston-Salem Police Detective.

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Workman has been with the police department since October 1999.

He was promoted to corporal in January. He works in the Criminal Investigation Division and his salary is $58,164.60, the police department says.

In your opinion, are the charges against this police officer made all the worse because of his position? In the United States and the rest of the Western world, we hold law enforcement to a higher standard of behavior. We look to them in times of catastrophe, to uphold the law, and to demonstrate moral leadership.

When this trust is compromised, it not only damages the officer’s individual department and their reputation, it erodes public trust and the credibility of police officers everywhere.

For this reason and the suffering of the defenseless animal involved, we ask for the harshest sentence available under Massachusetts law.

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If it was up to you,
how much time would you give this dirty cop behind bars?