“I believe that he’s lying. The injuries those two dogs sustained are inconsistent with Mr. Neuberger’s version of events,” said veterinarian Jamie Coker. “However, I have seen animal abuse in my practice like this before.”

A petition created by an animal advocate from Fairfield has earned over 51,000 signatures. The petition demanded that the Fairfield district attorney’s office indict Ray Neuberger on animal abuse charges.

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Ray Neuberger, 34, a former member of Fairfield’s city council, was arrested as a result of injuries sustained by his fiancé’s dogs, Thor and Charlie, last year. He was charged this past week with four separate counts of malicious wounding of animals.

Here’s the story from Fox 61:

“I know that typically animal abusers go onto abuse people,” said Tina Bencze, of Fairfield, who was one of many animal advocates flooding Bridgeport Superior Court for Neuberger’s arraignment, during which he did not enter a plea.

“I’m not really making a comment on that, but, it’s fair to say my client is presumed innocent and we intend on fighting this case in court,” said attorney Noah Kores, Neuberger’s Lawyer.

“The medical report shows that there were broken and fractured ribs, exposed nerves,” noted Bencze.

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According to the arrest warrant, the veterinarian, who tended to the two dogs, said that it was highly unlikely that a cup of hot coffee could have caused burns so severe. As for the fractures, Neuberger told police one of the dogs could have fallen off the bed and he added that his fiancée tends to let the dogs off the leash when they’re at a dog park.

Bencze’s group pays close attention to animal abuse arrests.

She started a petition that has now garnered more than 51,000 signatures calling for the maximum penalty if Neuberger is convicted.

“Per count it’s $5,000 and or five years in jail,” Bencze said.

Neuberger’s account of what happened is ludicrous.

No thinking person would accept that injuries that severe were caused by the accident he described.

What is most noteworthy in this case is the effect of the grassroots campaign to see him indicted. When concerned citizens ban together, there is literally nothing they cannot accomplish.

We would like to congratulate everyone who donated their time and resources to bring this alleged animal abuser to justice.

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