“We knew them from church and we thought he was such a sweet boy,” local resident Michelle Ruiz said. “We had no idea that this was going on. We’re shocked frankly.”

From all reports, Eric Arthur Williams was a kind and caring young man. He was active in his church, made good grades in school, and was pursuing a degree in sports medicine at the community college. Friends of the family noted how he doted on and “took special care” of his sister, who is developmentally-delayed.

All of Blount County was shocked on Monday when he was arrested for raping and impregnating his sister.

Here’s the story from AL.COM:

A young Blount County man was arrested late Monday afternoon on charges that he raped his sister and impregnated her.

Eric Arthur Williams, 20, is charged with first-degree rape and incest. Both are felonies.

According to an affidavit filed with the Blount County clerk’s office, Williams engaged in sexual intercourse with the victim, “a female with diminished mental capacity who was also his sister.” The adult victim, court records state, is not capable of consent.

The alleged crimes happened in February 2017. The victim became pregnant and, due to the “mental functioning” of the victim, she could not carry the child to term.

A DNA test on the fetus confirmed that Williams was the father.

Investigators with the Blount County District Attorney’s Office arrested Williams late Monday afternoon. He is being held in the Blount County Jail with bonds totaling $75,000.

This story will be updated if more details are released.

Some stories are truly so horrible that they defy explanation. Family and friends thought of Williams as an upstanding young man. He was going places and could be looked up to… He was the captain of his high school debate team and played varsity football for 3 years!

And all the while, these terrible crimes were going on behind closed doors. How, as a family, do you move on from something like this? What do his parents think?

All we can say is that our thoughts and prayers are with the Williams family at this time… And that there is a special place in hell for people that do things like this!

How much time in prison should he get?

Life? The death penalty?