“After seeing the Facebook post, we are all personally outraged,” said New Philadelphia resident Shawna Terrell. “With all the stuff in the news about school shootings, this is really scary. If these boys would hurt an animal like this, they could hurt a person.”

A horrific video posted to Facebook Live and then subsequently forwarded to New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin helped investigators track down a couple of young men accused of animal cruelty.

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In a post on the New Philadelphia Police Facebook page, Chief Michael Goodwin said the video showed two men filming several baby opossums.

Goodwin said the video showed the men torturing one of the animals with a butane torch.

Here’s more from Fox 8:

According to Goodwin, investigators were able to identify the men as Justin Brill, 18, and Brent Vickers, Jr., 21. According to police, they admitted to what they had done.

Brill was charged with cruelty to animals. He was arraigned in New Philadelphia Municipal Court on Friday. He is being held on $125,000 bond.

Vickers was charged with complicity. He is expected in court on Thursday, May 17th.

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New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin said in a Facebook post:

On May 10, 2018 I was contacted while off duty on Facebook by a concerned citizen. They had sent me a video that was on Facebook live showing 2 males videotaping several baby opossums. The video seems to show that they had no idea what kind of animals these were. They then videoed themselves torturing one of the animals by using a butane torch.

I immediately contacted my office and forwarded the information that I had, so that we could find out who these guys were. Contact was made with both subjects, and a confession was obtained.

Justin Brill was charged with cruelty to animals, and Brent Vickers Jr. was charged with complicity. Brill was held in the New Philadelphia city jail, and appeared in New Philadelphia Municipal court on Friday. He is currently being held on a $125,000.00 bond. Vickers was given a court date of May 17th. 

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What kind of punishment is fitting for a crime like this?