“I fed him, like, a hotdog a week ago. He doesn’t eat that much,” Brianna Burkowski told police. “He’s just a dog, everybody’s making a big deal over a stupid dog.”

When a concerned apartment manager contacted the police about a horrific smell coming from one of their luxury apartments, she knew it was going to be bad. The tenant, a stripper at a local men’s club, was known for having strange men at the home at all hours. The apartment manager feared the exotic dancer was dead inside. But what the police uncovered was just as shocking!

Check it out from The Blaze:

An employee at a Dallas apartment complex reported a dried blood trail and stench to police, most likely fearing the worse behind the garage door of unit #1526.

“Burkowski is known to leave her dog, a mature saint bernard, in the… garage during all hours of the day and night, even when the outside air temperature is approximately 100 degrees,” the La Valencia Apartments employee told police, according to the Dallas Morning News.

When police searched the garage, they found the dog, dead and rotting for several days. The 20-year-old admitted to wrapping dead dog in a blanket and storing it in her garage.

An animal control officer determined the dog died from starvation and lack of water and proper shelter.

Here’s more from the Dallas Morning News:

Brianna Burkowski, 20, whose listed employer is The Men’s Club, is being held at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, where her bail is set at $1,500. The state jail felony charge carries a maximum punishment of two years in a state jail.

Dallas police officers arrived at the complex in the 10100 block of West Technology Boulevard about 5:30 p.m. They were there in response to a report of a foul odor and what appeared to be dried blood coming from Burkowski’s garage, the records said.

Asked why she had not disposed of her pet’s body, Burkowski said “that he was too heavy for her to move,” the affidavit said.

The officers contacted Animal Control and asked Burkowski to open the garage, which she did. Inside, the officers found the dead dog so malnourished that its ribs were protruding, police said.

Why did she do this to her dog?

Was she too busy tending to her “customers” to bother feeding him?