“Real heroes don’t have superpowers, wear capes, or use fancy gadgets… They are just normal people who, in extraordinary situations, step up and do what has to be done.”

Although we’re not sure exactly what the situation is with this video, we do know a couple of things for sure. The water is obviously moving very quickly and the people risking their lives to help that poor dog are heroes. They could have been swept away to their deaths, easily. And what about that little courageous pup? He’s fighting for his life in this video…

515,808 views – Published October 10th, 2017


Wow, these heroes from India deserve a major kudos plus blessings for rescuing this poor dog by risking their own lives.Thank you and humanity is restored!!????????????????????❤
Thank u for saving a soul..????. When my dog died, I was lost, distraught. I couldn’t focus on anything. She died in our pool in our backyard, so it’s kind of the same thing. Bravo to these heros!
There are good people in the world. Great rescue! ????????❤
god bless you… it’s awesome how the man didn’t give up and neither did the dog!
God bless these men. ???? I want to really take a moment and give this guy some credit. The water was probably really cold and he could have easily been swept away. These days you don’t see heroism like this much…
True heroes that took some courage and determination. Who is that guy?
Thank you very much all good people…May God Bless animals and good people…
jai shree ram
I loved this video!!!!!! Those guys were & are awesome!!!! I couldn’t stand them if they were to let him died or ignored him, i am so happy they didnt, im glad that doggie its ok now
Guys, if you ever find yourself in a situation like this try and make it easy for the dog if possible. These guys did a great job but looking at the situation I can’t help wondering if it would have been far easier to walk downstream a little and call the dog in the same way. The dog is looking for help and will go wherever he thinks that help is, lead him downstream 15 yds and he will go. He can swim downstream very easily compared to fighting the current and can also steer himself towards the bank. Great job guys but everyone was lucky this time, the dog was about exhausted from battling that current and was about to go under for good.
Who’s the everyday hero in your life?