Dogs are mischievous in nature, especially when it comes to food!  Never leave food out where a dog can get to it unless you want to say goodbye to your meal.  A dog’s nose will overtake all of its other senses when it comes to delicious human food.

When a dog owner asked her dog Saban where her sandwich went, he had a guilty look on his face.  She didn’t see the sandwich anywhere, but it seemed like he was hiding something…

One day a dog owner lost her sandwich which prompted her to ask her dog, Saban, where her delicious lunch went…


She didn’t see the sandwich anywhere, and he wasn’t licking his lips.  She couldn’t figure out where her tasty sandwich went…


When she presses Saban to reveal what he had done with the sandwich, out popped a surprise!  Watch the full video next, it’s hilarious!


Watch the full video below!

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