When a trained dog needs to go potty, they will get our attention before having an accident in the house.  We all have those mornings when we feel glued to the bed and don’t want to get up.  Those mornings usually occur on the weekend after a week’s work.

The white, fluffy Samoyed named Lexi in the video below just may be the most polite dog in the world.  She really needed to go out after patiently waiting for her owner to wake up, but he was fast asleep…

Meet Lexi the white, fluffy Samoyed, she’s a real sweetheart.  One morning, she waited long hours for her dad to wake up and take her out, but he just kept on snoozing…


Lexi decided to hop into his bed and see if she could wake him up.  Instead of barking or walking on him, she gives him a little tap…


When you see how cute she is in the following video, you’ll fall in love with her.  Check it out next!


Watch the full video below!

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