“This guy sadistically abused these animals, he was smiling when we arrested him,” said detective Paul Trottier. “It was like he wanted to show us what he’d done, like he wanted us to be disgusted.”

The owner of a Route 4 tile and stone business faces 42 criminal charges related to the horrific abuse of dozens of animals on his property. Thirty-five of the animals died from starvation and lack of water last month, police said.

Here’s the story from Times Union:

A Glens Falls man is facing five felony counts and 37 misdemeanor charges in connection with an animal cruelty case.

Washington County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Jeffery T. Owens, Sr. on March 7. He was charged with five counts of tampering with physical evidence and 37 counts of misdemeanor animal abuse after a month-long investigation.

Deputies said Owens, 38, failed to provide proper care and living conditions to 37 animals he owned and buried five animals he owned that died during the sheriff’s investigation.

 The abuse allegedly happened at Quality Stone Works on Route 4.

Owens was arraigned in Kingsbury town court and released on his own recognizance pending future court dates.

Here’s more from the Post Star:

Police said five cows, a goat, two alpaca, seven chickens, 10 turkeys and numerous rabbits were found dead. They were in and around a barn at the back of the 4202 Route 4 property, with buildings for the stone business at the front of the property.

 Sheriff’s Investigator Paul Trottier said the animals did not have proper food and water and were in feces-covered stalls, necropsies finding some had taken to eating feces or parts of the barn in which they were held because they hadn’t had food for extended periods of time.

“There was a complete lack of food and water,” Trottier said.

At one point, Owens tried to bury dead cows with dirt and garbage so that police would not find, them, Trottier said. That led to the tampering with physical evidence counts.

The animals were found dead and without sufficient food and water in a pit behind his business, Quality Stone Works, on Feb. 13, police said. The felony charges allege he tried to conceal five of the dead cows during the police investigation.

Can you believe they released him on his own recognizance?

How much time should he spend in a prison cell for his crimes?