It looks like this little baby and Max the dog are the best of friends. They’re curled up in their big leather recliner together, snug as two bugs in a rug as they say! But, when the baby starts squirming and making funny faces, the mom behind the camera knows something is up!

I think every mom (and dad) knows that specific face. That’s the “I think I’ve got to poop, but I’m still getting the hang of it” face. Max the dog cuts his eyes back and forth, apparently keeping up with what’s going on. Looks like he’s been through this little exercise before!

Then there’s a wet explosive sound that erupts from the baby’s diaper… And let me tell you, Max is out of there! He bolts so fast, that they baby falls right over…

Here’s the hilarious video! Enjoy!

Thought you would like this. Something Cooper would do
ROFFL! I love the dog’s reaction. He/She’s like “what?!”
it was like ¨wait what was that……oh hell no¨
dog is like “screw u” i’ve had enough of this crazy stuff i’m outtie 5000
Love the way the dog ran for its life..! ????????????
that’s no fart….that’s a shart or blow out!! i can’t tell if the baby is a he or a she though.. does anyone know? it’s a shim!
dog is hilarious, like i’ve had enough… kids = poop machines
yeah that diaper is full of some seriously toxic stuff man omg.
i used to babysit this little boy when i was younger, and he would have the stinkiest nastiest funkiest craps. and when i would change his diaper, it would make the dog and the cat want to go outside. i couldn’t eat for hours afterwards. then we found out he had this rare disease where he couldn’t digest certain foods, so they basically would just rot inside his colon and become the foulest garbage.
man you are gross for telling that story
haha you are gross for reading it and getting upset about it troll
Who’s farts stink worse? Yours or your dogs?