We think that our technology and logical thinking will protect us. But oftentimes, the power and presence of nature overwhelms all of our careful planning. When human beings bring wild animals into a zoo, they think that they have successfully tamed the wild. However, animals routinely break free of their enclosures, attack tourists, and find ways around zoo security.

Although we only see the most extreme cases broadcast on the nightly news, these incidents are common place in cities around the world. Ask any person who has ever worked in a zoo or with wild animals of any kind, and they will tell you. It’s an illusion that human beings have control.

As Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurrassic Park famously says, “Life finds a way.”

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When the gorilla came up to the glass tho!!!????????????
The glass should be the glass when animals can’t see us humans, but we can see the animals (forgot the name of this type of glass)
People forget these are wild animals, it’s really sad, especially the ones that aren’t rescued and could have been in the wild! you can see the frustration in some of these videos
What some of you commenters fail to realize that the majority of these animals were saved. Found either dying or suffering in their natural environment. After they’ve spent so long in rehab, they can no longer survive on their own. Grow up people, do your research.
Aaaaa I hate it when the thumbnail isn’t in the video
leave those animals free and alone
Leave the animals alone
What about this was funny all I see is abused animals who clearly don’t want to be
So many Liberals and PETA crying over protected animals Yet no tears for massive slaughter of cattles, camels by the ‘religion of peace’ interesting
Please use Gorilla Glass 5.0 to prevent Gorillas from breaking glass. ????????
Do you trust the barricades at zoos and aquariums?