“It was around 9 in the morning. I was enjoying a cup of tea on my terrace. Just out of sheer curiosity I peeked over my terrace onto the street only to find a tiny baby squirrel lying at the main door of my house.”

When this young man in India discovered a baby squirrel in need, he couldn’t help himself. He scooped up the tiny creature and dried him off. Although the timid squirrel intuitively understood the man was there to help, he was still quite shy…

“I always wanted to have a squirrel as a pet, however, it is not easy to have one as they are extremely shy creatures. Being a photographer by profession, I am never away from my camera. And as luck would have it, I now had a wonderful opportunity of capturing some heart-warming pictures of this beautiful baby squirrel.”

He wasn’t sure exactly how to go about caring for the tiny little guy, so he began doing some research online. He also went to his university’s library and picked up a few books on squirrels.

“I went to the medical store and bought a dropper so that I could feed the baby some milk. At such times, YouTube comes in handy, as I quickly watched some videos on how to feed a baby squirrel and learnt some easy-peasy tricks. I fed it some milk through the dropper which it thoroughly relished.”

“To make it feel more at home, I created a tiny home out of a shoe box, in which I had laid out some cotton and tenderly placed the baby in it. After a few hours, I noticed it had started playing inside the box while constantly chattering and gathering all its energy back. I took it out of the shoe box and it fearlessly started jumping on my arms and shoulders as if inspecting me and extending a hand of friendship towards me.”

When they were outside enjoying the fresh air, another squirrel began coming down the wall towards them. The man quickly understood that it was the mother of this cute little baby.

He could feel that she was afraid of him, but that didn’t stop her from coming close and inspecting her child.

She looked at him intently and then softly touched his hand as if graciously thanking the man for saving her baby’s life.

She checked her baby and kissed him a million times. Then they were off to continue their lives together…

Have you ever rescued and cared for a wild animal?