Nature continues to amaze. Sometimes, unlikely pairs are brought together by a twist of fate and mere chance but the bond, nevertheless, forms and lasting friendships are born. The latest friendships formed are between a baby monkey and his two best friends, who are cats. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Yes. We certainly think so!

A Baby Monkey Is Orphaned

Unfortunate events do not only befall humans. Sooner or later, all parents leave their children one way or another. For this baby monkey, however, his mother was taken from him suddenly, when a car ran her over. Fortunately, an animal rescuer, Sarah Carter, was driving by and found the baby monkey. Her heart broke when she saw what he was doing.

Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary Rescues Baby Monkey

After his mother had been run over by a car and died, the baby monkey stood guard over his mother’s body. He was scared, alone, and hadn’t moved from her side since her death. Sarah, fearing that someone else might find him and harbor bad intentions, plucked him up. She took him to his new home at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary.

Animal Sanctuary Houses Animals Until They Are ready For The Wild

Located in Zimbabwe, Africa, the Twala Trust Animal Santuary takes in any and all kinds of animals. Monkeys, cats, dogs, birds – you name the animal, they have it. Their goal, according to Carter, is to care for animals that can not care for themselves for any reason. When they are ready, the animal is later released back into the wild where they belong.

The Baby Monkey, However, Won’t Be Released

But, Carter says, not all animals can survive in the wild. The baby monkey, for example, will stay with the Animal Sanctuary because he had never been with other monkeys of his own kind and his odds of survival are higher at the sanctuary than out in the wild. Not that anyone minds. Everyone, even the animals, love having the baby monkey around.

Animal Sanctuary Names Baby Monkey Horace

In fact, the baby monkey was loved so much and became a natural part of the Animal Sanctuary’s extended family that they bestowed upon him a name all his own. They call him Horace and judging by the way he comes flying at the sound of his name and dances around when he hears it, he likes it. And we like it, too!

Horace Loves His Time At The Sanctuary

Horace has shown how resilient he is. He’s a confident baby monkey who plays well with the other animals at the Sanctuary. He naps regularly, helps with the chores, eats well, spends time with Carter, watches over the other animals, and greets newcomers. His new life is one full of fun, love, and unforgettable friends that are there to teach him.

Horace Has Many Friends

Horace is great at making new friends. He naps with the dogs and cats at the Animal Sanctuary. He’s friends with the other animals, like the servals, lions, monkeys, lizards, lemurs, turtles, and ducks. He naps with them, plays with them, and runs around the wide open space of the sanctuary with them. For Horace, his friends are his family.

Horace Is Also The Ambassador For Other Monkeys

Originally, Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary did not have any monkeys.  When they took Horace in, all that changed and they started to rescue other monkeys in similar situations as Horace. Carter made him an ambassador for the other monkeys that arrived so that they would have a familiar face to see when they came to the sanctuary. Horace would show them the ropes.

Meet Horace’s 2 Best Cat Friends

Although Horace is friends with all the animals at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary, his best buds are two sanctuary rescued cats. One of the cats, Freddie, cuddles up with Horace for naps. They go nearly everywhere together and sometimes, they’re even little trouble makers together but at the end of the day, Horace’s friendships are proof that home is where our people are, even if they’re four-legged with whiskers.