“She abused 75 Great Danes, that’s how many dogs they took from her. We are sick and tired of rich people thinking they can do whatever they want,” local resident Deanna Richardson said. “That’s why there’s a crowd out here, we want her to go to jail.”

When millionaire dog breeder Christina Fay was sentenced for abusing 75 Great Danes she kept as prisoners in her enormous mansion, she immediately appealed that verdict. Well, a second jury has taken a look at the evidence and affirmed the lower court’s decision.

A crowd of local Wolfeboro residents cheered the verdict outside the courthouse…

Here’s the real deal per WMUR:

A jury in the trial of a woman who had dozens of filthy and sick Great Danes living in her New Hampshire mansion has convicted her of 17 counts of animal cruelty.

Christina Fay, 59, was convicted of the misdemeanors on Monday. Her sentencing hasn’t been scheduled.

Last year, a lower court judge found Fay guilty of multiple animal cruelty charges. He ordered her to pay nearly $800,000 for their care. Fay said she took care of the dogs, and she appealed to a superior court for a jury trial.

Prosecutors showed images of the dogs living in squalid conditions, with animal waste coating the floors.

The jury recently toured Fay’s 13,000-square-foot home in Wolfeboro. Most of the hardwood floors were removed, and most rooms were empty.

In 2017, Mrs. Fay was found guilty by a lower court.

Here’s the scoop on that verdict from the Conway Daily Sun:

Christina Fay, the woman recently convicted of 10 counts of animal cruelty for her mistreatment of numerous Great Danes, was sentenced by a circuit judge Thursday to a year in jail, though he suspended all 12 months.

Of the approximately 75 dogs that were seized from her Wolfeboro home by police and members of The Humane Society of the United States, Circuit Judge Charles Greenhalgh is allowing Fay, 59, to keep just one, as long as it is spayed or neutered.

Greenhalgh also ordered Fay to pay the entire amount that the prosecution had asked for, totaling over three-quarters of a million dollars. The HSUS seeks $770,000; the town of Wolfeboro, about $16,300; and the Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County, about $1,500. 

We are glad to see that justice has been served in this case and that the higher court affirmed the lower court’s ruling. This woman deserves a harsh sentence for abusing these 75 Great Danes! The conditions inside that enormous house were absolutely horrendous!

How much time should she get in jail?

And can you believe the first judge allowed her to keep one dog?