Back in 2017, a lower court judge found the defendant guilty of multiple animal cruelty charges in this particular case. He ordered her to pay nearly $800,000 for the veterinary care of the abused animals but declined to send her to jail.

The defendant, Wolfeboro resident and millionaire dog breeder Christina Fay, said she “took good care of the dogs” and appealed to a superior court for a jury trial.

But county prosecutors disagreed with Fay’s assessment. In their new case against her, they showed images of the dogs living in squalid conditions with animal waste coating the floors.

Fay’s 13,000 square foot mansion looked like the picture of perfection from the outside. Her lawn of St. Augustine grass was exquisitely manicured and her smooth pebble driveway snaked up through rolling hills and was lined with swan-shaped shrubbery.

Two white, matching Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicles sat parked in front of the garage.

The inside of that idyllic home was a different story all together, though.

One investigator with the Humane Society described the conditions the dogs endured “as literally hell on Earth.”

But would Fay be brought to justice? Or would she be able to buy her way out of her legal troubles as local residents had feared?