This special little weenie dog needs your help, friends! Reagan was recently climbing some stairs at her Uncle Jon and Aunt Amanda’s house, when she took an unexpected fall. She’s suffered serious head trauma, a ruptured disk, and other injuries to her little body.
And because her family is running out of money to pay for her medical expenses, they are asking you to help out…
Here’s more of the story from their post on GoFundMe:
Anyone who knows her would say that she was a bright light on a dark day. She was that plus a whole lot more for me. Essentially SHE saved my life, she showed me love when I had none for myself. Now it’s my turn to attempt everything I can to save her life.
The night of the 14th was just a regular night for Reagan. As Reagan was walking up the steps (which steps are not her strong suit) to return to the bedroom she happened to miss a step causing her to tumble all the way from the top to the bottom. This was a big fall for a little girl.
She suffered serious head trauma (causing her to have seizures), soft tissue damage in both her hind leg and her neck, a possible ruptured disk, neurological issues (which have subdued  slightly after she received medicine to reduce the swelling in her brain) and a bit lip caused by the seizure.
She’s had two X-rays taken to check for any broken bones or fractures in her spine and neck. She was hospitalized for 12 hours in oxygen to help her breathing which was very labored after the accident. She’s had blood work and fluids to cover all the bases we could.
Late last night, February 19th, Reagan was rushed back to the emergency vet because she was regressing and starting to go into seizures again. The doctors once again stabilized her and sent her home with the same plan, only this time, if she doesn’t make progress we will have to choose between 2 options.
Option 1: We will need to get an MRI to find out if there is anything internally going on that we are missing. The MRI can go 1 of 2 ways. Either nothing is going on internally or it is and she will need surgery. So on top of the MRI (which will cost close to $2,000.00) it’s possible that she will need surgery after receiving results from the MRI (which I’m told from the vets can be any where from $2-3,000.00).  That doesn’t even include the $1,500.00 already spent for the treatment she’s received in order to keep her here with us.
Option 2: won’t be discussed because I won’t allow myself to think of that option until I have tried everything I possibly can to save her life. 
With help from Reagan’s grandmom we have been able to do the most we could for her at this point. This is where you (the hidden heros) come in, even if it’s a little or a lot, anything donated will make a difference.
One dollar could be one pain pill. ANYTHING helps.
Thank you for taking time to read this story. We would like to thank little Reagan’s family for reaching out to Animal Lovers Facebook Group… we are always happy to help a little furry person in need! We wish Reagan a speedy recovery and many more years of happy, careful stair climbing!
Here’s the link again where you can donate to the cause.
Have you had an injured pet?
Was it expensive?