“This guy sells drugs, is always yelling at his girlfriend and his kids,” neighbor Cory Finch said. “We’re glad he’s gone. You think we want that on our street? Someone should hit him in the head with a brick.”

When the neighbors have nothing but horrible things to say about person, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

A Louisville man is wanted in connection to an animal abuse case in southern Indiana. The charges include “attempted mutilation of a vertebrate animal” and two counts of cruelty to an animal.

Here’s the story from WLKY:

“I simply will not tolerate someone being mean to an animal especially an animal that is posing no threat or harm or risk to anyone,” Prosecutor Mull said.

Mull filed the charges after going over the evidence in the case, including cell phone video.

“First the guy threw him out the front door, like physically launched him,” neighbor Cory Finch said.

Finch grabbed his cell phone and started recording.

“I just saw him grab whatever is close to him. It looked like it was a brick, and he just threw it at the dog’s head,” Finch said.

Investigators said they identified the man in the video as Joe Ware.

“When the dog attempted to crawl or get back up on the porch then this is when he allegedly field goal style kicked the dog in a very hard manner,” Mull said.

Police do not know how the dog ended up at the apartment on Beckett Street in Clarksville. The dog belongs to a Louisville man who said the dog disappeared. Ware’s girlfriend reportedly told police the dog just showed up at her apartment.

“This was not a case where this animal was a threat to him or doing anything that would warrant the meanness and the cruelty that was displayed to it,” Mull said.

If convicted, Joe Ware could face up to two and a half years in jail. 

How can a human being spend any time on planet Earth and not have respect for the dignity of life? Dogs, cats, and other animals feel pain just like we do! It’s cruel to senselessly inflict suffering on them… We here at Animal Lovers Are Life just don’t understand how someone could do something like this.

How can a person be so heartless?