“He’s been in and out of jail and using crystal meth,” the man’s sister Delana Geary said. “But he’s never done anything like this before, that we know of. Our family is devastated.”

A young man from central Florida is facing some serious animal cruelty charges after investigators say he choked his roommate’s dog because “it pooped on the rug.”

Initally, Brenden Geary lied to the police, but as investigators began to dig a little deeper into the young man’s story, the truth started to shake out…

Check it out per CBS 12:

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, the owner of the dog came home Monday night and found it unresponsive. The owner, along with his roommate, rushed the 11-pound Yorkie named “Dixie” to an animal hospital with injuries consistent with asphyxiation. Dixie arrived at the vet in shock and had bruising to her ears, face, neck, and abdomen.

At the time, both the owner and roommate told deputies they didn’t know what happened to Dixie, the sheriff’s office said.

Investigators took photographs of the back porch where Dixie was left, saying it “depicted a violent encounter.” Deputies found blood on the wall of the back porch area and on a dog food bag and carpet. There were smudges of dog feces on the wall.

Investigators interviewed the roommate, Brenden Geary, the next day. Dixie’s owner said Geary was the only one home with the dog at the time.

After being shown photographs of the dog, and presented with inconsistencies with his initial story, Geary eventually admitted the dog “s–t and pissed all over that rug,” the arrest report said.

Deputies arrested Geary on a charge of aggravated animal cruelty. He remains in the Flagler County Jail on a $2500 bond.

The truth is that every person that’s ever lived with a dog knows even the best trained pup is going to have accidents. It just comes with the territory of sharing your home with a canine. But to attempt to choke a dog to death is nothing short of criminal insanity…

And a person that will harm an animal in this way will definitely harm a person.

What do you think?

Get him off the streets or let him hang around
so he can hurt someone else?