“Young man, you can cry all you want, but what you did to that poor dog is absolutely unacceptable,” Judge David Winter said. “Because we understand the link between animal abuse and criminal violence, this court takes these matters very seriously.”

A seventeen-year-old has been convicted in Illinois on for slitting the throat of a puppy named Thor. The case has received widespread media coverage because of the thermonuclear meltdown Daniel Ingram had in the courtroom when he was convicted.

Miraculously, the puppy has survived his harrowing ordeal and now has a forever home. His new adoptive family was in court when Mr. Ingram was found guilty by the judge.

Here’s the scoop per Our Quad Cities:

Today, Damien Ingram was found guilty on 2 counts: animal cruelty, and animal torture. 

The charges are the latest development in the animal abuse case out of Henry County in which a puppy named Thor had its throat slit.

After Thor was found, police brought Ingram in for questioning, where he admitted to slitting the puppy’s throat. 

Prosecutors also proved to the judge that Ingram’s intention was to prolong the pain and suffering of the animal, which resulted in the conviction of animal torture.

Thor’s current owner Jami Lee says she is thrilled about the verdict.

“Relief, we really thought he was gonna try and get out of it some way shape or form. Just relief, excitement, ” Lee stated after the verdict was handed down.

Here’s more of the story per WGIL:

A teenager in Henry County has been found guilty of abusing a puppy last year and leaving it to die.

Henry County Circuit Court records indicate 17-year-old Damien Ingram — tried as an adult — was found guilty by a judge of Animal Torture and Aggravated Animal Cruelty.

Ingram — of Kewanee — was arrested in late-July after authorities found a pitbull-Labrador Retriever mix outside an apartment complex with multiple slash marks across his throat area.

Broadcast reports indicate during the morning-long bench trial Thursday, defense attorneys claimed the dog — now known as “Thor” — had mange, and that Ingram was just trying to put the dog out of his misery. But prosecutors believe the dog only had fleas — not mange.

Thor recovered from all his injuries and has been since adopted to a Kewanee resident.

Court records say Ingram is scheduled to be sentenced May eighth in Cambridge. The conviction and any sentence could still be appealed.

We here at Animal Lovers Are Life totally, 100% agree with the judge in this case. The link between animal cruelty and criminal violence against humans is well-established. Let’s get these monsters off the street before they harm anyone else!

How much time should he get in prison for this?

Do you believe in charging teens as adults in certain cases?