“There were so many dead animals in the residence, you couldn’t tell the live ones from the dead ones,” one police officer said. “I personally found two in the washing machine.”

A Lexington, Kentucky man has been arrested with his daughter on over a hundred counts of animal cruelty.

When a concerned neighbor reported a horrific smell coming from the man’s residence, the police investigated. They described what they found as “the worst case of animal abuse [their] department has ever seen.”

Here’s the scoop per LEX18:

A father and daughter are facing 135 counts of animal abuse after animal control officers responded to a potential hoarding situation.

Officers responded to reports of animal cruelty Wednesday afternoon at a home on Sundart Drive. The investigation started Tuesday when a tip led officers to a home with a horrible smell inside. 

Officials say after obtaining a warrant they discovered over 100 cats and dogs inside, some of them pregnant.

“They were living in horrible conditions. To the point where you could smell it outside, to the point where we had to wear Tyvek suits to go into the house. Wear booties going inside the house. Because there’s feces all over the floor,” said Timothy Brown with Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control.

Officials say the same people were charged in 2011 for hoarding a large amount of animals. They paid a $500 fine and court costs at that point.

Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control plans to file the new charges Thursday. 

The Lexington Humane Society will more than likely have to make room for many of these animals, so they’re encouraging people to adopt the animals that can be taken Thursday so they can make space for these dogs and cats.

If the owners surrender them the humane society will be housing almost all of those animals at once.

In an interview with a local news affiliate, the arresting officer noted that the man cried when he was placed in handcuffs. As sad as that is to report, we have to wonder, did he cry because he felt remorse? Or was he weeping because he had been caught?

And his daughter, who can’t be more than twenty years old, she is at least somewhat of a victim in this situation… Can you imagine living and being raised in an environment like that?

What should happen to this horrible man?