“You can see where this lady repeatedly kicks this Yorkie-Shitzu mix more than ten times. No, that is egregious,” said police officer Goranitis. “My reaction is that this is an innocent little animal and it’s getting repeatedly kicked by this woman. There is no excuse, nothing to justify that. There is no explanation for that. There is nothing to justify harming a harmless, little animal.”

An Aventura pet owner has been arrested on animal cruelty charges for repeatedly kicking her small dog inside an elevator. Video from inside the elevator shows Keevonna Wilson, 24, scolding her dog while kicking and stomping on it.

A police report says the dog, named “Chastity,” had apparently gone to the bathroom in the elevator.

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Lock her in lift with a Pit Bull or Bengal Tiger, put it on PPV and donate all proceeds to an animal charity.
She is a MONSTER! Wish that guy in Las Vegas could have met her and use her as his target practice. She should be tied to the back wheels of a moving train! Animals are loving and innocent.She is Satan’s daughter 100%..
Animal cruelty is even more horrendous when it’s perpetrated by another animal. Keevona C’ante Wilson. 2950 NE 188th St/Aventura, FL. A Google image search lists her as “an Actor, Model and Dancer”. As someone notes below, she’s a stripper. The stripper’s dog’s name is Chastity. Although either she, or an animal control officer, misspells it as Chasity. There’s no apostrophe in the dog’s name.
Put her where somebody can kick and punch her.
Give us her name, her address, her work place, her ID’s and her phone number.
I know her she is a stripper Damn that’s fucked up
I am kinda jealous of the dog, put me in a gimp suit and ill be just fine. Emmm stilettos…. 😀
she just made me give my dog aka my baby a tight long hug. he is a busy body i only fuss at but after seeing that i don’t even want to fuss at him. they are god’s creation too and to precious to treat that way ever. and btw, that dog is adorable, my son is correct, she has a very dark heart to do that.
Have you ever witnessed animal abuse? What should happen to her?