Dogs have an amazing capacity to learn almost anything with proper training.  It’s important for all dog owners to know the importance of positive reinforcement training.  When we scold our dogs with negative reinforcement, it only teaches them fear and makes no progress.

The Beagle named Charlie in the following video has been trained well by his owners.  He can do almost anything including playing the keyboard and swinging the baby’s crib.  You’ll be amazed when you see all of the wonderful tricks he’s learned…

Meet Charlie the Beagle, he’s the ultimate brother dog and helper around the house.  His parents used positive reinforcement training to teach him all types of neat tricks…


Charlie can change traffic lights, play the keyboard, and even swing the baby’s crib.  However, that isn’t all Charlie can do!


He has a few tricks up his sleeve he learned on his own.  Charlie sure is one intelligent Beagle!  Watch him in action next!


Watch the full video below!

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