Dog moms know all too well what it takes to raise a dog in this busy world.  They also know all about becoming obsessed with their dogs.  This video produced by Barkbox is a hilarious take on all the responsibilities Dog moms have.

The video features two rappers who tell their stories.  They make sure to mention that they always have a lint roller in case of emergencies.  The fun doesn’t stop there!  Watch the full video to get your laugh on!

Barkbox produced a rap video featuring two female rappers.  They tell the story of what it’s like to be a dog mom…


They hit a homerun with their video!  It’s simply hilarious yet true in every regard.  Dog moms and dog owners alike will love their video…


Click next to see the entire video!  Let us know what you think.  Did they do a great job?  Or was it an epic fail?


Watch the full video below!

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