There are some real characters in this world, and I’m not just talking about people.  Dogs can have a ton of personality.  I’ve met some dogs that are funnier than people.  The dog featured in this video is one of those dogs that can make anyone crack up.

Meet Charlie the dog, he likes to argue with his mom every night before bedtime.  They don’t know exactly what Charlie is saying, but he sure does have A LOT  to say!

Meet Charlie the dog, he has one of the silliest dog voices on the planet!  Every night, he likes to throw a tantrum before bedtime…


The amazing part is how much his voice sounds like a human voice!  When you listen to him, you’ll hear what sound like human words…


Prepare to crack up when you see this hilarious dog in action.  He’s a real crowd pleaser!  Check out the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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