When a deer gets struck by a car, it usually has no chance of surviving.  Although, that didn’t stop this animal lover who works for Wildlife Aid.

He found the deer on the side of the road and scooped it up like a baby.  His calming voice and dedication to helping animals are what saved the deer’s life.

When a deer is saved, it can suffer from a complex disease known as capture myopathy.  After the deer recovered, the man spoke to it until it became reacquainted with the wild.

What he did for this deer was nothing short of amazing…

A man associated with Wildlife Aid came to the rescue of a deer that had been struck by a car…


When he showed up, the deer could barely move…


That didn’t stop this animal lover from doing everything he could to help the poor deer.  Watch the full rescue on the next page.  This man will warm your heart!


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