“Kara is mentally unstable and she had those rabbits just to torture them,” sister Carrie Madison said. “We really want her to get some help. That’s why we called the police.”

When Carrie Madison came to visit her sister Kara, she knew it wasn’t going to be a happy meeting. The two hadn’t spoken in months and Carrie was dreading going inside Kara’s house. From the outside, things looked fine: the yard was mowed, the porch was swept, and it looked peaceful. Almost idyllic. But Carrie Madison knew that looks can be deceiving…

Inside that house, her sister Kara kept her animals in disgusting and inhumane conditions. She had promised months ago to clean up the cages, adopt out her animals, and start seeing a therapist… But when Carrie let herself in with a key, she instantly realized none of those things had happened. In fact, it was worse… So, she knew what she had to do.

Check it out from our friends at the Portland Tribune:

A Prineville woman was arrested and is facing multiple felony animal abuse counts following a recent investigation at her home.

Kara Madison, age 29, was arrested last month after an animal abuse complaint that police responded to on Feb. 3. According to Prineville Police Captain Larry Seymour, she had failed to properly care for a large amount of animals at her Northwest Seventh Street home.

The investigation, which involved “a chicken, goat, cats, numerous dogs and a plethora of rabbits (alive and dead),” determined that Madison had failed to provide the proper care for almost all of the rabbits.

“The conditions and care the animals were raised in ranged from the following: feces covered bedding, extended periods of no water or food, missing hair, various types of infections and disease to the point several animals died,” Seymour stated. “The animals suffered from infection causing loss of vision and hair, open wounds and disease.”

“Animals were so starved, they began eating their own feces to survive.”

After documenting conditions, police officers seized 18 live rabbits that needed immediate care to survive, as well as seven dead rabbits, one of which was sent in for a necropsy.

Madison was arrested after the initial investigation and charged with first-degree animal abuse and first-degree animal neglect. She was released following her arrest, and given a conditional release and court date by the jail.

What should happen to this young woman?

Just because you’re crazy, does that excuse your actions?