“He was in really bad shape. I mean probably about the thinnest I’ve ever seen a dog that’s still living,” Jamie McAloon, McKamey’s executive director said. “We believe that this dog was intentionally starved and whoever is responsible for that, they need to be brought to justice.”

A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who seriously neglected a dog in Chattanooga.

The dog was found wandering alone with a blue harness and leash on 6th Avenue on Monday.

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Starbuck, as he’s called, was in good spirits on Wednesday. The two-year-old Pit Bull has come a long way since his rescue a couple of days ago…

Here’s the scoop per WRCB:

His wounds from a blue harness needed immediate attention when he arrived at McKamey.

McAloon believes someone was keeping Starbuck inside.

“Usually a dog with open wounds like that if they’re being maintained outside, they’ll have fly larva, maggots in their wounds. He was clean as far as that was concerned. That tells us he was being kept inside somewhere,” McAloon said.

She also said the young Pit Bull was either being fed very little or not at all for weeks. That’s why he’s nothing but skin and bones.

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“It’s nothing that happened overnight. His condition has taken a long time to get to that point. It’s so severe,” McAloon said.

She hopes a $500 reward from the center will convince someone to speak up about what happened to Starbuck.

This brave and courageous pup has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him. He didn’t become that sick and starved in a few days, and it’s going to take time to rebuild his muscles and fully trust people again. Oftentimes, the psychological scars of mistreatment persist long after the physical wounds have healed. This is true with people and it’s true with canines.

If you are unable to care for a dog or provide adequate medical attention, there is no shame in surrendering the animal to a shelter. Every city has organizations that will take an animal, no questions asked.

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