It’s important to use caution when adopting or rescuing a dog.  There’s no telling what disease or infection they came across during their time in the wild.  Pooches usually suffer from some affliction(s) and need a checkup at the vet.

After a nasty flood in Atlanta, GA, an adorable golden retriever washed ashore onto a family’s driveway.

The man who found him reported, “He was just sitting by a mailbox in the rain, looking pathetic.  I pulled over and called him to me, and he immediately came, wagging his tail.”  It was love at first sight!

The dog looked meager and malnourished.  The man knew he had to step in and help out his new four-legged friend.


After a trip to the vet, the pup received a dangerous diagnosis.  The vet determined he was living on his own in the woods after escaping from an animal hoarding station.  Domesticated dogs have almost no chance of survival in the wild.


They found over 200 fleas on him!  The fleas nearly sucked him dry before the vet picked them all off.  Look how full they were with blood!


The poor guy harbored other creatures including ringworms, heartworms, and hookworms.  The infestation caused him to weigh in at 25 lbs underweight.  His hair also became entangled.  They gave him a complete shave to ensure all the bugs were gone.  Things started to look up!


Over the next few days, he caught up on rest, made a new friend and began to regain his strength.  His rescue family named him Bran.


Here he is happy again cone and all!  He needed to wear the cone while the sores on his body healed.


Once Bran’s family removed his cone, it didn’t take him too long to get cuddly with his new best friend.  He will have an amazing tale to tell his future grandpups.  We’re just happy he pulled through!


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