“Animal Control gets to be judge, jury and executioner,” said Robin Pack. “I don’t think it’s fair and I don’t think it’s right. I miss my dog.”

A dog owner is demanding answers after her dog was euthanized without her knowing following what has been described as “a deadly attack on another dog.”

Robin Pack says she’s heartbroken over the deaths of both dogs.

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“I feel horrible,” she said. “And heartbroken that the other little dog died. So does my daughter, she had to watch the whole thing.”

Her dog was the one who attacked another dog near her Washington Township apartment complex.

“But it never would have happened had the other dog been on a leash,” said Pack.

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Pack’s daughter, Jenna Lawson, was walking their Pit Bull Stormy in her neighborhood when the attack happened.

According to a report released by the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, a Dachshund without a leash ran up to the pitbull. The pitbull then grabbed the Dachshund by the throat and attacked it.

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“People started screaming,” Lawson said. “And crying and punching stormy to get her to let go. I was hitting her too. I didn’t know what else to do.”

In court on Wednesday morning, the owner of the Dachshund was convicted of having a dog at large without a leash, but Pack learned her charges were dropped.

She also learned in court that Stormy was euthanized last Tuesday.

The news came one day after dozens showed up with signs at the ARC in support of Stormy, urging them not to put her down.

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The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center released an official statement following the incident.

“The dog was property of the Cincinnati SPCA,” a spokesperson for the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center said Wednesday. “And it was signed over for euthanasia to the ARC.  Stormy was euthanized on June 5. This is a public safety issue.  One of our mandates is public safety. Montgomery County will not put the community at risk by releasing any animal that has shown aggressive behavior.”

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