Huskies are one of the most vocal dog breeds.  They can make all types of amazing sounds with their mouths.  It’s much more than just a simple howl.  There are a lot of husky videos floating around these days and for good reason.  Huskies are hilarious!

The Siberian Husky sisters featured in this video get into a verbal battle that puts teenage girls to shame.  The conversation starts out slow but quickly erupts into something deeper…

When this Siberian Husky saw her sister lounging on the furniture, she became jealous.  She did her best to scold her sister, however, the comfortable sister was having none of it…


They talk in a language only Huskies can understand.  The conversation becomes more and more heated as time passes…


By the end of the conversation, the relaxing sister has heard enough.  Let us know if you can translate Husky to English, we’re dying to know what they said.  Watch the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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