Airports are truly one of the best places in the world to people watch. From dawn to dusk, passengers from all walks of life are hurriedly checking baggage, navigating the terminals, and catching flights. From wiped out parents, drained and fatigued by their unruly toddlers to the elderly couple napping on each other’s shoulders, there is always a sight to behold.

So, without further ado, here’s 45 photos of the most comical and bizarre scenes taken at airports from around the world.

45. Random Strip Search Here We Come

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Whoever took this photograph should be ashamed of themselves! This young woman is minding her own business and preparing to undergo a TSA screening…

And all the while, some errant paparazzi is focusing in on her, um, attributes. We’re just wondering if she was selected for a 100% random strip search, though.

44. Hungover Celebrity Cocktail Hour


No matter how many famous actors you bump into, air travel can be pretty exhausting for us mere mortals.But for this first class passenger, a short trip from Dallas to Los Angeles became something of a “celebrity cocktail hour” when she inadvertently sat next to Nicholas Cage.

After the Leaving Las Vegas star confessed he was “pretty hungover,” Cage suggested they order a couple of Blood Marys and enjoy themselves. For the next two hours, the duo proceeded to get hammered at thirty-thousand feet.

43. Affordable Travel Options For Enterprising Passengers Abound

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While it’s true that not everyone can afford to fly first class or business, coach seats have definitely become more affordable in recent years. If you book a few months out and use an online travel site, passengers can usually save a few greenbacks.

We’re not sure exactly what this woman’s financial situation is, but maybe she should have opted for taking the train instead.

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