One of the most obedient and intelligent dog breeds is the German Shepherd.  There’s a reason they make great police dogs; it’s because they are easy to train, fearless, and will follow every command.  Plus, we can’t forget how cute they are!

Sam the German Shepherd, featured in this video, knows a special trick he wants to show you.  His owner taught him how to play dead, but it’s not what you think!

Meet Sam the German Shepherd, he wants to show you a special trick his owner taught him.  German Shepherds are known for being highly intelligent which gives them the ability to learn all kinds of tricks…


When Sam’s owner says “treat,” Sam hops up on his hind legs into position.  That’s only the beginning!


Then his owner says “Bang, you’re dead!”  Sam is so dramatic that he may have been a Hollywood actor in a previous life!  Watch the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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