A local animal rights organization has given the anonymous dog a name — they’re calling him George. He was found tied up, mutilated, and thrown away like a bag of trash by the Fort Defiance Humane Society. But this isn’t the end of George’s story. A grassroots campaign to bring his victimizer to justice has taken the internet by storm…

Here’s the story from local affiliate ABC 13:

According to a Facebook post from the humane society, an agent received a call on Wednesday. The caller reported a dog found under the bridge, along the river, near Domersville Road. The dog appears to be light brown in color and medium-sized. Half of its tail is missing.

The following details of this story are disturbing.

The humane society investigated and determined the dog had been tied up at the feet, apparently skinned, decapitated, wrapped in a brown towel, placed in a garbage bad and thrown in the river.

The Fort Defiance Humane Society writes, “The pictures are horrific. The feeling of not saving this animal is indescribable. This happens every where. Every day. Every single day innocent animals are tortured while the perpetrator walks freely. To us, this is unacceptable. We are here to be their voice. To give animals their second chance, to love them, to not allow them to be abused, abandoned, or discarded ever again. This happens in our county. In our town. In our backyards. Be the force to end animal cruelty. Do not stay quiet. Be the somebody that saves an innocent soul.”

Anyone who can help authorities track down where this dog came from or who is responsible should call Fort Defiance Humane Society at 419-658-2298. A $2000 reward is being offered to any person with information regarding the responsible party.

The Fort Defiance Humane Society posted a picture of the abuse on its Facebook page. 13abc has chosen not to use that picture, due to its disturbing nature. We have posted a link to the Facebook page on this story. You can click the “Fort Defiance Humane Society” link on this page to be redirected to that site.

Please take a moment to visit their Facebook page and see if you have any information about this terrible crime. They also accept donations. Thank you so much for your time!

What should happen to people who commit these crimes?