Ten Stars Who Haven't Realized They're Not Famous Anymore

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Whether it's the the too-much-too-fast lifestyle, the partying and the drugs, or the parents obsessed with fame, the curse of child stardom is the stuff of Hollywood nightmares. They enter the world of celebrity and fortune as young stars, burn bright, and then usually flame out in a meteoric fall from the heavens.

But that's not to say that they disappear into obscurity. Unfortunately, some of these fallen stars have hung around long past their fifteen minutes of fame. These train wrecks are so disastrous, we can't help but look away.

Checkout these ten child stars who haven't figured out they aren't famous anymore...

10. Lindsay Lohan Drinks Her Way Out of a Career

Lindsay Lohan was, by far, the hottest mess of the early 2000s. Since her early successes in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, it's been one wild ride for the former actress.

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Now known more for her public drunkenness, bizarre social media meltdowns, and stints in jail, the one-time A-lister has made a second career of teasing "her big comeback."

First, there was her press conference during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in which she announced she would be producing and starring in a film called Inconceivable. That ironically-titled gem, of course, was never made.

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Then, in 2016, we were told by Lohan's father that her wealthy Russian boyfriend had "strong connections in Russia" and was "very supportive of her career." They broke up after Lindsay accused him of cheating and allegedly threw his phone in the ocean.

She's also campaigned hard for a Mean Girls sequel as well as the lead part in Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid reboot, despite the fact that she's now 32 and Ariel was a teenager in the original.

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According to reports, Lindsay's now splitting her time between the Middle East and London. An anonymous "friend" recently told People Magazine that Lindsay is now "like Paris Hilton" in Dubai.

We wish her all the best! Up next, we've got a former child singer that, so far, has had a pretty hellish 2018...