Nature can be a cruel and unforgiving place, and animals of all shapes and sizes do what they must to survive.

We get totally that. But there are some creatures out there that resort to tactics that just seem downright rude. These guys are so tricky, so sneaky, so conniving that it’s simply shocking.

It’s probably unfair to judge these animals from a human perspective, but some of the behaviors below really seem to cross the line right into being just plain mean.

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“It’s easy to anthropomorphize and attribute human thoughts and feelings to our creature kin, but that’s really a mistake,” said animal behaviorist Richard Dinkins. “Although it certainly seems like their actions have a personal, emotional basis, it’s a cognitive error on our part to think animals share our psychology.”

It’s not that animals don’t have thoughts and feelings, it’s just that it’s illogical to assume we understand their motivations and internal experience based on their actions.

So the next time your dog eats your dinner or seemingly takes a dump on your rug because he’s been alone all day, remember not to take it so personally.

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But despite the wise words our Harvard-trained, scientist friend, these ten animals definitely make it seem like they’re totally over people. And while we’re not absolutely convinced, we’ll have to just let you decide.

So, without further ado, here’s ten animals who are serious a-holes…