This is the sad but true tale of a street dog who went through a super rough patch in his life.  He was badly injured.  Something had ripped up his ear – most likely a fight with another dog – and maggots infested the wound.

All he could do was hide out and hope for the best.  The poor guy found a bathroom in a random house to camp out in not knowing if he would survive.

Luckily, a family noticed the dog and phoned Animal Aid to come take a look at him.  When they arrived on the scene, the dog wagged his tail.  It was almost like he knew they were there to save him.

When Animal Aid inspected him, they noticed he was favoring his ear.  What they saw next was terrifying.  Parts of his ear were completely eaten away by maggots!

Amazingly, he was still friendly and willing to eat the food they offered him.

Next, it was time to bring him in for emergency treatment.  They needed to sedate him in order to clean the wound and remove the dead tissue.

The team rescued him just in time because the maggots were only days away from reaching his brain.

View the full video of Dylan’s story below.

In the end, he was saved and now lives a happy life!  Without donations, Animal Aid never could have saved Dylan’s life.

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