A stray dog in Argentina proved how much one small gesture of kindness can really go in life.

The story started when a flight attendant, Olivia Sievers, was on a routine trip to Argentina for work.  One day when she was on the way back to her hotel in Buenos Aires, she noticed a stray dog in the street.

It was love at first sight.  Olivia offered the dog a small treat and played with him a little, but she knew the relationship wouldn’t last…or would it?

After she attempted to part ways with the dog, he followed her to the door of her hotel.

8.8.16 - Flight Attendant Adopts Hotel Dog0
source Olivia Sievers

Of course, he couldn’t enter the hotel, but he stayed there waiting for her right by the door.  She came back later and gave him an airline blanket to sleep on.

When she boarded her flight the next day, she felt sad knowing she had to leave her new friend behind.

Six months passed before Olivia was assigned another flight to Buenos Aires.  While she was away, the hotel cared for the dog who insisted not to leave the hotel.  A family attempted to adopt him, but he ran right back to the hotel.

His relentless loyalty and love for someone he barely knew was nothing short of amazing.

After Olivia arrived at the hotel, there he was waiting for her!  She decided to name him Rubio and give him a new home in Germany.

8.8.16 - Flight Attendant Adopts Hotel Dog1
source Olivia Sievers

Now, they are living happily ever after!

8.8.16 - Flight Attendant Adopts Hotel Dog2
source Olivia Sievers
8.8.16 - Flight Attendant Adopts Hotel Dog8
source Olivia Sievers

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