Living on the streets is no easy task for both animals and humans.  There are all types of diseases ready to be picked up which can lead to serious health complications.  Dogs living on the street also have a hard time finding their next meal.

The senior dog featured in this video became completely exhausted after living on the streets her whole life.  One day, she popped up at a company’s offices outside of Athens, Greece…

The old, sick dog featured in this video popped up one day in an industrial suburb outside of Athens, Greece.  When the employees found her, they knew they needed to find someone who could help her…


They called The Orphan Pet.  The rescuer showed up not knowing exactly what to expect…


When she saw the poor dog, she was heartbroken by the sight.  The poor girl was run down and covered in sores.  The healing process began the moment she walked out of the office.  See the full video next!


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