“We are asking that everyone out there pray for Grace. She’s got a really long road ahead of her,” mother Destiny Mampel said. “They’re trying to keep her comfortable, but she’s still in a lot of pain.”

A young girl in Utah nearly had her nose bitten off after a friend’s Labrador latched onto her like a toy and shook her on Saturday.

“I never expected this could happen in a million years. I just don’t understand it. It’s hard to keep it together for her,” said Destiny.

Here’s the story from Fox 13 Now:

According to Lona Trombley with the St. George Police Department, the girl was bitten by the animal in the backyard of a home near 1800 E.

The dog bite appeared to cause significant damage to the girl’s nose.

As per protocol, the dog was put on a ten-day quarantine while they were tested for rabies. Trombley stated that typically if a dog bites anyone more than three times, it will be declared vicious and put down.

According to the child’s mother, multiple hours of surgery were required to rebuild the girl’s nose.

Here’s more from Good 4 Utah:

Grace Mampel told her mom she went to pet the dog when it turned on her.

“I went over to give the dog a hug and started loving on him, and he put one paw on where my heart is, and I tried to get up, and when I tried to run he put one paw on my forehead and he bent down and grabbed my nose. I tried to go but he grabbed on tighter and started shaking it like a chew toy,” said Grace.

Grace has spent her days in the hospital and at multiple doctors appointments since Saturday’s attack. On Tuesday she was in Salt Lake City seeing specialists.

“They have to take some of her rib to rebuild the tip. The surgeries that she’ll have to endure, I don’t know how many, but it’s just… it’s going to be a long road,” said Destiny Mampel, Grace’s mom.

The owner has been cited with an infraction for an attacking dog. Police say the dog will be monitored for 10 days to determine if it is deemed vicious. If so, police say the dog would be humanely euthanized at an area vet.

Our prayers and sympathies are with the Mampel family during this obviously difficult time. While we know that some dogs are not fit to live with human beings, it definitely saddens us when something like this happens.

Have you ever witnessed a dog attack?