Now is the time for the truth to come out! Please take a minute to read this article and help raise awareness about the terrible situation in South Korea…

In the shadows of the star-studded Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, thousands of innocent creatures across the country — some in concentration camps just minutes away from the glittering stadiums — lie in cramped, disgusting pens awaiting torture before they are slaughtered for food.

But local authorities don’t want tourists to know about the horrific conditions these dogs endure every single day of their lives.

Check it out from our friends at The Dodo:

Ahead of the games, Pyeongchang County offered 2 million won (around $1,850) to any restaurant owner who would stop serving dog meat during the games.

The intention, officials said, was to avoid upsetting tourists.

Pyeongchang County government official Lee Yong-bae told AFP that signs advertising dog meat dishes have been switched out at restaurants near the stadium to avoid giving “a bad impression to foreigners.”

The move to hide the industry from tourists visiting for the games was met with explosive protest from animal advocates — including Gina Boehler, founder of Korean K9 Rescue, a group dedicated to saving dogs from the country’s meat farms.

“The dog meat restaurants are not closed — but the government would like you to think they are,” Boehler told The Dodo. “In general, there is apathy towards farming dogs for consumption in Korea. Many [officials] don’t take it seriously.”

This is not the country’s first attempt to limit backlash while in the spotlight. When it hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988, Korean authorities banned restaurants from serving dog meat dishes — but once the games were over, business went on as usual.

“Not only are these dogs living in constant fear from the day they are born, they experience trauma and horrific living conditions,” Boehler said. “They are often hanged, beaten to death, electrocuted and boiled alive before slaughter because suffering is believed to make the meat more potent.”


“The evidence speaks for itself regarding the widespread suffering of the victims of the dog meat trade,” Boehler went on. “This can’t fail to make the headlines when the country is trying to present itself in a particular way for the Games.”

Please take a minute to speak with your friends and family about this reprehensible situation in South Korea. Raising awareness is the first step to combating these deplorable conditions… And a great way to let others know about this issue is to direct them to this article.

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